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28 July 2019 | By admin in Cruise Lines, Life on Board, Reviews and Ratings, Royal Caribbean

If you’re looking for Caribbean cruise deals, then Royal Caribbean is probably one of the cruise lines you are considering. How does this cruise line compare to the others? The following review is based upon my experiences and includes inputs from friends.

1. Food – The food on Royal Caribbean ships is normally excellent, especially in the dining rooms. It’s not considered to be gourmet cooking, but I can say I never had anything I didn’t like. And when I eat on a cruise, I like to try many different things.

Other than the main dining rooms, the cruise line also offers the usual casual buffet meals. I’ve always enjoyed the food at those buffets, as well. There are also some specialty restaurants on board that serve very nice meals. These specialty eating spots normally have a cover charge.

Royal Caribbean is now trying some new ideas in their dining rooms. On some ships, they have instituted a flexible dinner plan. This is a great idea, because I know sometimes I have a hard time making the dinner schedule.

2. Activities – There is always something fun to do on a Royal Caribbean ship. Like all other cruise lines their ships have pools, a spa, and fitness facilities; but, they also have some different forms of recreation such as rock climbing. Some of their ships offer miniature golf and ice skating.

The entertainment at night consists of the normal musical shows, comedians, and some audience participation games. Two forms of entertainment they offer that are different from other lines are parades and street performers. You should check them out, because they put on some spectacular shows.

3. Things of note – Here are some other things that make a Royal Caribbean cruise different: They have cabins with a view of the ‘main street’ of the ship where you can watch the parades, people, and performances. They also offer Wi-Fi hot spots on all their ships.

Another thing I like about Royal Caribbean is the fact that they have brought affordable cruising to Asia. I live in Asia part-time and have considered taking a cruise on this side of the world. It seemed to me the prices of cruises from Asian ports were always too expensive. But now, thanks to Royal Caribbean, you can set sail out of several ports such as Singapore and Hong Kong and the prices are reasonable.

In conclusion, I’d say that Royal Caribbean and Carnival are the two best values in the cruise industry. There may be fancier ships out there, but in terms of getting more than what you pay for, you can’t go wrong with one of these cruises. Happy sailing.

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