Royal Caribbean Cruises – What makes them so popular?

18 August 2019 | By admin in Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean

I know you are as fascinated as I am with the popularity of Royal Caribbean Cruises.  You’ve heard of it from your friends, saw it on television, and read of it in magazines.  It seems as if everybody has been on one of their cruise ships and makes it their personal mission to spread the good news.

I did some research to uncover what makes this cruise line so popular and found out some very interesting things about them.

The following are just some of the reasons for the raving reviews of this cruise line:

1.    Five decades of solid cruising repute – This cruise line unveiled its first cruise ship in the 1970’s.  After five decades, it continues to be a dominate force in the cruising industry.  Its long line of experience and constant stream of highly satisfied clientele bolsters its status as a reliable provider of remarkable cruising delights.

2.    Extensive location options – Royal Caribbean Cruises now includes hundreds of ports of call all over the world.  These locations are sought after by the cruise line’s patrons for their unbelievably stunning vistas, rugged terrains, and rich cultural displays.  Some of these spectacular places are the natural splendor of Alaska and Canada, and the tropical havens of Mexico, Hawaii, and the Bahamas, and of course the most popular destination, the Caribbean.

3.    Exciting array of on-board activities – Variation is the key to satisfy the wide-ranging interests of vacationers onboard cruise ships.  This is one area in which Royal Caribbean Cruises can take pride.  All types of individuals of all age groups can find something interesting to do onboard.  They offer rock climbing, basketball, mini golf, ice skating, scuba diving and on-board surfing for the sports enthusiasts; fully equipped modern gym for the fitness buffs;  spa and beauty therapies for the beauty conscious; dance and keyboard lessons, jewelry making, and other arts and crafts for the artsy types; and theme parties and cool clubs for the hip crowds.

4.    Dining galore – It is one of the few cruise lines that offer a variety of excellent restaurant choices that cater to individual tastes.  From gourmet to family cafes, cruisers always go home with a satisfied palate.

Given all these reasons, it is no wonder Royal Caribbean Cruises is extremely popular.  This cruise line certainly knows how to make its cruises appeal to all types and classes of people.

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