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03 July 2019 | By admin in Cruise Lines, Norwegan Cruise Line, Reviews and Ratings

The following review was sent to me by an acquaintance. Personally, I have never taken an NCL cruise. However, I value this person’s opinion. Please keep in mind that this was just one cruise on one ship and doesn’t necessarily reflect every experience one can have on NCL.

Norwegian Cruise Line or NCL cruise is perhaps one of the cheapest cruises that you can possibly take. Cheap it may be, I cannot exactly say that it’s good value for the money.

My friends and I booked NCL cruise for the simple reason that it was inexpensive.  However, we were not prepared for the cheap experience that came with it.

My biggest disappointment in our NCL cruise is the number of drunks that seemed to be all over the place. Whether you are on the pool deck or the dining room, they were there, swearing loudly and guzzling their beers. The staff and crew seemed oblivious to the antics of these drunk passengers.  Perhaps, they didn’t want to mess with the “fun” of these groups of irritants, which sadly was at the expense of other passengers.

The pool and dining areas were also very noisy; it gave me a headache.  Imagine a place full of screaming children and swearing drunks and you get the idea. So we had to stay at the spa pool area for an extra $20 per day fee to enjoy the peace and quiet that we desperately needed after experiencing the ruckus and noise in the regular pool area.

If you are a bar hopping person and don’t mind the noise of drunken revelry, then perhaps this cruise is for you.  Our ship seemed to have the most variety of clubs compared to other cruise lines.  But if you want a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, then you better think twice before booking an NCL cruise.

At least our stateroom was spacious, clean, and comfortable.  This is one of the good things I was thankful for, considering all the other headaches we had to contend with.

If you don’t mind spending for good food, you better dine in the specialty restaurants.  The dishes were all sumptuous and delicious.  It was well worth the extra money we had to spend.

In general, NCL cruises are cheap and loud.  If you don’t mind the noise and the crowd, and enjoy the parties and the bars, you may possibly enjoy this cruise.  But, if you are into quality relaxing cruises, you can find a better alternative.

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3 Comments on “NCL Cruise – Norwegian Cruise Line Review”

  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?


  2. Hello Polprav,

    Yes, you may quote one post provided you place a link to the post for credit.


  3. Thanks for sharing your experience here. I heard that it’s not so costly so I was planning to go for it but after reading this review I am just backing off. Specially the drunk people there is too bad for us as we all are girls..