Luxury Cruise Deals – Guide to Saving Money on Luxury Cruises

27 August 2019 | By admin in Cruise Deals

Sailing on-board a luxury cruise is the ultimate cruising experience. It gives you access to the less traveled but more exotic destinations while being pampered in the lap of luxury. Now, you don’t have to be ultra rich to afford a luxury cruise, because there exist luxury cruise deals at bargain prices.

Obviously, the shorter the cruise, the lower the price. So, check the various Caribbean cruise deals to find affordable luxury cruises, because the Caribbean’s close proximity to the US makes it the best option for lower priced luxury cruise deals.

Book in advance or grab a last minute deal. These are clearly opposing poles; however, their extreme positions make them ideal luxury cruise savers. Check out the websites of luxury cruise lines such as Cunard, Regency and Regent for early bird specials. On the other hand, cruises scheduled to sail for the next 90 days are usually the best sources for luxury cruise deals, so take a look at the those in the know — travel websites such as Travelocity, Cruise Direct, and Priceline — for last minute deals.

Dollars off discounts may be the most obvious way to save on a cruise, but there are other offers that will save you more. Some of these are free airfare one way, substantial discounts for advance payment, and complimentary beverages, restaurants, transportation, etc. Be on the lookout for these offers. You will not only save money, but you’ll also have a more enjoyable cruising experience.

If you don’t have to book a balcony suite, outside stateroom or outside cabin, then don’t! These usually cost quite a bit more compared to an inside cabin or inside stateroom. On a luxury cruise, the extra cost isn’t worth it, because the inside rooms are comfortable and luxurious.

Also, choose your port of departure wisely. If there’s a port within driving distance, you might want to cruise from there. Also, many people don’t realize that airfares are not always logical. You may find that a port farther away has cheaper airfare than one close by. That’s why you should check all the port options. Never assume anything when it comes to travel.

Most importantly, shop around for the best luxury cruise deals. There are various luxury lines that cruise to the Caribbean. Compare prices and choose one that offers you the most at a price you are willing to pay.

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