Gay Cruises – Enjoy the Caribbean with Like-minded Passengers

15 September 2019 | By admin in Gay Cruises, Special Cruises

Would you like to take a cruise but are worried about awkward moments of explaining that you are gay and that your companion is, in fact, more than just your best friend?  Well, worry no more because gay cruises are now very much in!

Gay cruises are perfect for gay couples and singles alike.  You can now take a cruise to the Caribbean with like minded passengers who don’t mind your choice for a lover. If you are traveling with your partner, you can be comfortable in each others arms without worrying about the crowd’s reaction.  If you are traveling alone, more likely than not, you are bound to make a love connection on your way to a Caribbean paradise!

For those who are interested in joining an all gay cruise where endless parties, interesting activities, and gay friendly sports are mostly guaranteed, check out the events organized by companies such as RSVP, Atlantis, Pied Piper, and Olivia.  These are tour and events companies dedicated and devoted to the gay and lesbian communities.

These companies usually charter cruise ships to the Caribbean such as Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas, Holland America’s Eurodam, and Celebrity’s Solstice for a 7 night Caribbean Cruise for less than a thousand bucks. You can enjoy a hassle-free all gay cruise and participate in activities specially designed for your interests and preferences.

However, all-gay charter cruises are scheduled events which are a once or twice a year affair.  So, if you are interested in joining but won’t have the time until next year, you better check out their sites as early as possible because these events are usually advertised a year ahead for booking purposes.

If all gay cruises are too extreme for your personal taste, you can take a cruise aboard gay friendly ships.  Cruise lines such as Norwegian, Carnival, Princess, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean are well lauded for their ships’ gay friendly atmosphere, crew, and services.

If you want to join cruises open to all passengers but still want to interact with fellow gay passengers, choose a cruise with Friends of Dorothy activities in its itinerary.  Friends of Dorothy activities are meet and greet social events for gay passengers on board the cruise ship.

Cruise lines are now positioning themselves to accommodate gay cruises.  So, plan for your perfect getaway and choose among your many options to enjoy a wonderful cruise that fits your lifestyle.

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