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24 March 2019 | By admin in Cruise Lines, Cunard Cruise Line

A Cunard cruise is on the top of an expert cruiser’s list. In the cruising world, Cunard is synonymous to luxury and sophistication. It boasts of centuries old experience and famous passengers gracing its boats’ ballrooms, decks, and salons. Perhaps its tag line captures what this cruise line is all about: The Most Famous Ocean Liner in the World.

Its fleet consists of Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth (the newest addition to the Cunard cruise line). Like their namesakes, Cunard’s ships pride themselves in the lavish grandeur and sophistication that they offer to their well valued patrons.

What sets Cunard apart from the other cruise lines is the 5-star treatment it offers to its passengers. Whether in terms of accommodation, cuisine, or entertainment, it boasts of offering the best there is available in ocean travel. In fact, Cunard has been voted by thousands of holidaymakers – year after year- as the best cruise line worldwide, which is not entirely surprising given Cunard’s reputation for luxury, sophistication, and excellent service and accommodation.

In fact, in keeping with their tradition of satisfying and offering only the best services to their passengers, Cunard introduced Queen Mary 2 kennel program where its passengers can now enjoy their cruising holidays with their beloved pets. A kennel master expert is present on-board to take care of the pets’ needs for the convenience and ease of the passengers.

Cunard cruise line is famous for its transatlantic crossings; however, its itineraries also include the Mediterranean, Caribbean, the UK, Scandinavia-the Baltics-and Iceland, Canaries-Madeira-and the Azores, and the USA and Canada.

To those who are interested in taking a Cunard cruise to the nearby Caribbean, you don’t have to break your budget to afford it. There are Cunard Caribbean cruise deals that are available to the discerning few who check all available options. Check out Cunard’s website once in a while for unannounced discounts or check with travel agents who are in the know about cruising bargains.

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