Cruises – Why they are the Best Value of All Travel Vacations

30 August 2019 | By admin in Cost Comparison, Cruising Alternative

Are cruises really a great value? I believe they are and below I will provide data that backs up my belief. Of course, everyone has different tastes and desires when it comes to vacations, and those things also need to be considered. Check out the following to see what I came up with.

To show the difference in value between a cruise and other vacation types, I decided to compare a 7 day cruise to a 7 day vacation at an all inclusive resort. Since the resort will undoubtedly have better rooms than the cheapest cabins on a cruise ship, I decided it was only fair to compare the costs for a suite on the cruise ship. For this comparison, the resort and the cruise ship are both rated 4 stars from editors and customers on various websites. In addition, I used St. Louis, MO as the originating point for both vacations (just chose some place in the middle of the country). The vacations are for 2 adults.

1. Cruise – This cruise travels to 4 ports in the eastern Caribbean. The price for roundtrip airfare to Miami is $480. The cruise price, which includes accommodation, food, and some drinks, is $2280. There is an additional charge of $168 for tips and I included $100 extra for airport transfers. The total comes to $3028.

2. All inclusive package – The resort is in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The package includes airfare plus 7 days lodging with ocean view, full meals, and drinks.  The total price for the package is $4077.

3. Conclusions – With cruises you get to visit more ports, but you spend less time at the ports due to sea travel time. The all inclusive vacation can save you money if you love to drink alcohol, but I’ve read the free alcohol isn’t usually great quality.

There you have it. Cruises are a better value if you want variety and don’t mind those entertaining sea days. The all inclusive is a better value if all you want to do is get drunk. But, even if you want to drink, you have $1000 extra spending money on the cruise.

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