Cruises to the Southern Caribbean – What Options Do You Have

13 November 2019 | By admin in General Information, Ports of Call

You’ve decided to travel to the Caribbean, but don’t know which cruise to take? Cruises to the Southern Caribbean can be an ideal option if you have time for a longer cruise. If you’re thinking about taking such a trip, keep reading and I’ll provide you with some information about the available cruises and the region.

Cruises to the Southern Caribbean range from 7 to 14 days. Since this part of the Caribbean is far away from the US, a 7 day cruise is fairly limited in regard to ports of call. However, to increase the number of ports, many cruise lines will originate the cruises in places already in the Caribbean, such as Puerto Rico. If you really want to get the most out of cruising to the south, you should take a 14 day cruise.

What can you see on cruises to the Southern Caribbean? For one thing, you can visit places that don’t get tons of tourists, because this region is not as busy as the other Caribbean destinations. Here is a short synopsis of these islands and their highlights:

  • Antigua – they claim they have 365 beaches. There is also lots of duty-free shopping.
  • Aruba – has a dry climate (including cacti, like in a desert) and an exciting night life.
  • Barbados – lots of British influence. You can ‘do the touristy spots’ or visit the unspoiled parts of the island.
  • Bonaire – is a quiet island famous for protecting its wildlife. It’s great for diving, snorkeling, and bird watching.
  • Curacao – most famous for the pastel colors of all the buildings.
  • Dominica – is an island for nature lovers (unspoiled, rain forests, cliffs, waterfalls, but not many beaches).
  • Grenada – tourist industry slowed a bit due to destruction from Hurricane Ivan in 2004.
  • Guadeloupe – is known for outdoor shopping markets and French boutiques.
  • Martinique – is full of French culture and boutiques. Take a tour of Fort-de-France.
  • Nevis – is the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton. Not as touristy as some other islands.
  • St. Barth – is a party place for celebrities. Be sure to explore the colonial architecture of the capital city, Gustavia.
  • St. Kitts – the black rocks, Bloody Point, and Brimstone Hill Fortress offer lots of history, as well as, spectacular views.
  • St. Lucia – some call it the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. It is well known for the Pitons, which are twin mountains, well preserved natural scenery, and the city of Soufriere.
  • St.Vincent – very little cruise traffic. Be sure to go diving, snorkeling, or on a tour to the Falls of Baleine.

I hope you learned something new while reading the above. If you decide cruises to the Southern Caribbean are what you’ve been looking for, I’m sure you’ll have a great adventure.

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  1. Very informative article about the south Caribbean with all the beautiful islands. I do agree a cruise from Miami the 14 days option is the best.