A Lottery Winner’s Plan: Take a Cruise Vacation

19 November 2019 | By admin in General Information

Several weeks ago, there was a story about one very lucky lottery winner. This guy was recently laid off and was not very optimistic about the economy and his finances. His winning a million dollars on a state lottery was a very welcome surprise. After taxes, that means a take home of half-a-million dollars, which is quite substantial for him and his family. Among his plans was to pay off his mortgage, set aside some money for his kids’ college fund, and to take a cruise.

It seems that taking a cruise vacation was at the top of his list of priorities when it comes to entertainment and leisure time. It’s something enjoyable that he’d always wanted to do, so he and his wife decided to take a break from the rigors of their day-to-day life. With all his extra money, this will be a special cruise vacation for the lucky couple.

Taking a week off on the high seas on a ship going from port to port is not an everyday thing. In fact, it’s not normally a yearly kind of vacation. A lot of people think that island hopping is an expensive way to spend a week or two. But, you don’t have to win the lottery to take that cruise vacation. Sure there’s the $25,000 round the world cruise, and boutique operators which cater to a select crowd, but there are many more affordable packages out there being offered by a whole lot of carriers. In some instances, the discounts can go as deep as 70% depending on the number of passengers, route, carrier, ports of call, and schedule. Interestingly enough, with a world-wide financial crisis, operators are offering better deals to more places enticing more people to take a week long island hopping trip.

Admittedly, this is not for everyone. There will always be some people who are not comfortable on a ship board adventure. There are even some technical people who could not let go of their electronic creature comforts, such as cell phone usage, Blackberry, text messaging, cable TV, etc. However, in terms of expense, a cruise vacation is within almost everyone’s reach.

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