Fulfillment in Cruise Ship Jobs – Another Way to See the Caribbean

24 August 2019 | By admin in Cruising Alternative

For a long time, the unofficial motto of the Navy was, “see the world.”  This could also be true for any other merchant marine job.  For that matter, this could also be true of cruise ship jobs.  There are a lot of those, ranging from the captain, the officers and crew, engineers, stewards, the concierge and front desk personnel, the cruise coordinator, restaurant personnel, bartenders, gym and fitness instructors, activity instructors, the cleaning and janitorial staff, and so on down the line.

Significantly, those jobs related with the passengers’ enjoyment are those which require a high level of patience and dedication.  Statistics show the personnel and staff of the restaurants and bars on ship have a higher retention level than their land based counterparts. The most likely reason is that those waiters, bartenders, cooks, and chefs working on a cruise enjoy their jobs more than the others.

Cruise ship jobs have a higher job satisfaction rating, not because of the better pay, but because of the better work environment.  A bartender, for instance, would more often than not worry about the client who has had too much to drink.  For a bartender on a cruise liner, there’s not much reason to worry, because the clients won’t be driving anywhere. They will just stagger back to their cabin and sleep it off.

Another reason for satisfied employees is that they usually get two consecutive months off at a time. During the two month vacation, they’ll have lots of money to spend since it’s easy to save while working onboard. The reasons employees can save so much is because their room and board is provided free of charge. In addition, much of their off-duty time is spent onboard, although on occasion they may be able to spend some time on land at the port.  It does seem like routine work at times, but these employees interact with a whole lot of different people on a daily basis.  The novelty of the job remains, even after more than ten years of service. So, if you’re looking for Caribbean cruise deals and have lots of time on your hands, don’t rule out this option. You get to sail to exotic ports and earn income in the bargain.

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