Are Cruise Reviews Really that Helpful?

15 July 2019 | By admin in Cruising Tips, Reviews and Ratings

Are you overwhelmed with the torrent of cruise reviews saturating the internet and lifestyle magazines?  Do you feel more confused rather than reassured after reading a bunch of them?  You certainly are not alone.

Many vacationers are at a loss as to which cruise lines to take after reading conflicting reviews about them. One cannot help but ask whether or not cruise reviews are really that helpful.  The answer is a qualified yes, which means that it is helpful only if you know how to read these reviews discriminately.

A good cruise experience requires serious planning because you would not want to be stuck on a ship for weeks being bored and disappointed.  You need to have a good picture of what a cruise line is offering before you finally decide to book your holiday. This is where cruise reviews serve their purpose.

The following guidelines will help you sift through the reviews sans the frustration and confusion:

1.  Reviews are subjective. Each and every person has varying opinions. What is acceptable and enjoyable to one may be a disappointment to another.  As such, it pays to read a large sample of reviews both positive and negative alike.

2. Wear the reviewer’s shoe. When reading other people’s assessment, pay attention to the cause of their approval or displeasure and ask yourself if such a scenario or circumstance will draw out the same reaction from you. This will give you a more personal look at another person’s take on the experience and will give you an idea about how things will work out for you.

3. Know what you want. It helps to have a good idea of how you would want to spend your time on a cruise ship.  What do you want to do during your free time? Are you into sports, beauty and spa, dancing and clubbing, or attending elaborate entertainment venues? With this in mind, you’ll be able to choose a cruise line that will cater to your interests and will keep you joyfully occupied.

The countless variation of cruise reviews you will encounter can be overwhelming at first. However, if you know how to deal with them and discriminate opinions from facts, these reviews can prove to be a big help in choosing the perfect cruise line for your perfect cruise experience.

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