Cheap Cruises in Asia?

09 September 2019 | By admin in Cruising Tips, General Information, Royal Caribbean

Have you ever looked for cheap cruises in Asia? Were you able to find any cruises that were great deals? My guess is that you were not. Here is the reason why and what needs to happen in the future to bring the prices down.

Current Cruise Industry in Asia

Before 2007, you could not find any cheap cruises in Asia. However, the demand has grown and new players have entered the market. Royal Caribbean International launched operations in China in July of 2007 and, in so doing, helped to bring down the prices a bit. Even with Royal Caribbean in the picture, though, cruise prices in Asia are still much higher than those in the Caribbean. You can find cruises out of Miami for less than $50 per day. In Asia, the lowest price per day is around $74 and it only applies to a handful of cruises throughout the year.

So, if you’re looking for cheap cruises in Asia, be thankful that Royal Caribbean has arrived. However, be prepared to pay over 100 dollars per day for your cruise unless you are lucky.

How to Get Cheap Cruises in Asia

Here are some tips for finding the lowest prices for cruises on the Asian continent. You can go to any of the cruise travel sites, such as CruiseDirect (see link at top right of this page). Try several of those sites and compare prices. Another option is to go directly to Royal Caribbean’s website, because they will likely have the best deals in Asia at this time.

In my opinion, the only way to get cheap cruises in Asia to come down closer to Caribbean levels, is to bring a new budget player into the market. If Carnival were to begin operating in this hemisphere, I’m sure the daily rate for cruises would be reduced. Until something like that happens, good luck on finding outstanding deals.

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