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22 July 2019 | By admin in Celebrity Cruise Lines, Cruise Lines, Reviews and Ratings

I have taken Celebrity Cruise to the Caribbean twice in the past.  The experience was fantastic, so I decided to book Celebrity again but this time to Alaska with three of my friends.

This cruise would have been another fantastic Celebrity offering had it not been for a few mishaps.

The ship at first look is impressive but, after a few days on board, you are bound to notice areas needing improvement with respect to decor and fixtures.

The whole crew is commendable.  They are always at our attention and constantly ready to assist us. However, when we are in the more isolated sections of the ship, we’ll have to wait forever for a crew member to show up and respond to our requests.

The food is basically average.  Presentation is excellent though, so it makes the food almost look delicious and appetizing.

We love our stateroom.  The sheets are soft and smell fresh and good.  The bed is comfortable.  However, the drapes in our room are a bit short to completely darken the room.  This makes sleeping difficult considering the fact that at this time of the year Alaska has more daytime than nighttime.

On-board activities are nothing to be excited about.  One exception is the nature lectures, which are a must for passengers.  I initially thought it was going to be a boring waste of time but was I proven wrong! The lecturer was engaging and the whole exercise was really interesting.  Other activities involve Wii challenges which are not really of interest to me.

The biggest disappointment of the whole cruise experience is the temperature in the dining room and the theater! It wasn’t just warm, it was actually sweltering hot! They must have reckoned that since Alaska is such a cold place, then they should put the room temperature higher. This really is not such a good idea as most of us needed to frequently go outside to cool off.

Onshore excursions are just amazing! Alaska is such a beautiful place and I want to go back there again and again!

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