Want Luxury at a Great Price? Take a Carnival Cruise

04 October 2019 | By admin in Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise Deals, Low-budget Cruising

You may have heard that Carnival is the ‘poor man’s cruise line’. I know I’ve heard it. Is that supposed to be a negative comment? The fact is Carnival Cruise Lines provides a luxurious vacation you don’t have to be rich to enjoy. Eighty percent of the cruises I have taken have been with Carnival and every single time I’ve felt like I got more than I paid for.

Carnival Cruise Lines has been offering cruises for almost 40 years and they have built their fleet to 23 ships. They have become the model to follow in the cruise industry, because they offer quality you can afford. To highlight this fact, just check out some of the awards they have won:

* Voted number 1 cruise choice by readers on Southern Living Magazine

* Rated number 1 in seven categories on Cruise Critic website

* Gold Award of Excellence from American Express Travel Service

* Awarded Cruise Line of the Year for the last 3 years by National Association of Cruise-Oriented Agencies

* Awarded “best value” for the past 6 years from World Cruise & Ocean Liner Society

Carnival's Ports of Call

Carnival's Ports of Call

If you’re interested in cruising to the Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines is a great way to go. They offer cruises to a multitude of destinations and break them down into four general areas: Eastern, Western, Southern, and Eastern & Southern Combo. Check out the map to the left and you can see all the exciting places you can visit. Almost every cruise they offer goes to several ports of call.

It’s so easy to plan and book your cruise online. If you want to learn more about Carnival Cruise Lines, stay tuned. In a few days I’ll be publishing an article about life on board one of their excellent cruise liners. Until then, I wish you happy cruising.

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