Carnival Cruise Triumph – Cruise Ship Review

12 September 2019 | By admin in Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise Lines, Reviews and Ratings

It’s been a few years since my last cruise, so I decided to spend my vacation on board Carnival Cruise Triumph with a few friends.  The whole experience was better than average, but the cruise line still needs to work out a few kinks to make it the best.

We booked an ocean view room which was the best decision we made on this cruise.  The room was really big with a lot of space for us to do our stretching and basic yoga poses. We had a full size window in the room which gave us a nice view of the ocean throughout the cruise. The bed was unbelievably comfortable for a cruise ship! It would have been like sleeping in my own comfy bed at home had it not been for the gentle rocking of the ship.

Surprisingly, the dreaded lines and crowds typical of Carnival Cruise Triumph were not as bad as we expected.  Perhaps the economy was the culprit for fewer passengers this year. We did not have to worry about vacant chairs by the pool deck or long lines at the buffets.

The majority of the passengers were middle aged, so we missed the active young crowd we’d experienced on this ship a few years back.  Nonetheless, the passengers were all friendly and we got along with them fine.  In fact, we found another group to hang out with for the whole duration of the cruise.

The dining experience was so so.  We were disappointed that Midnight Buffet was no longer offered on Carnival Cruise Triumph.  But, we still had a good time enjoying the late night grill and the deli was fabulous.  Our waiters were all attentive. One of them had a really good sense of humor and made us laugh throughout the cruise. He was great to have around during the meals.

Entertainment would have been our biggest disappointment had it not been for the magic shows that were simply mind blowing! There were also average performances of a comedian and hypnotist.  The disco songs were outdated. We noticed that the DJ didn’t entertain song requests.  We suspect that their song collection was just limited, so we were not really surprised.

We enjoyed our onshore excursions.  I personally love the walking tour in San Juan.  In St. Thomas, we took an open air tram.  St. Maarten was my favorite. Visit Club Orient if you want to sunbath in the nude!

All in all, the cruise on Carnival Cruise Triumph needs a little work to become outstanding. That being said, however, I wouldn’t mind going on a cruise on board this ship once again because it’s really a good value for my money.

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