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19 September 2019 | By admin in Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise Lines, Reviews and Ratings

The following story was submitted to me by Ms Y. Sanchez. I’m publishing it with her permission. If you enjoy reviews, especially Carnival Cruise reviews, you should find the story worthwhile. Happy reading.

Before booking our cruise to the Caribbean, I researched and read Carnival Cruise reviews that range from all ends of the cruiser taste spectrum. Although there were those that are downright snobbish, a majority of the reviews share a common denominator: great food and excellent staff. Since my family is all about gastronomic gratification and customer service, we booked Carnival Miracle to the busy ports of the Eastern Caribbean.

Primarily, a majority of the Carnival cruisers choose this cruise line for the affordability it offers. The best Caribbean cruise deals are usually from Carnival and for as low as a few hundred bucks, you can experience the Caribbean at a cost much less than what the other cruise lines offer. After experiencing Carnival Miracle, I would say that I will book it again because it offers so much value for the money.

Our cabin, although it feels like a small hotel room, has enough cabinet space to store our large amount of luggage. The bed is comfortable and the sheets smell like sunshine. We don’t have to be extra cautious in maneuvering the bathroom because it has enough space to let us actually have comfort in the room!

Like what most Carnival cruise reviews say, the food on-board is a treat! The selection is extensive and every dish tastes great. The cruise staff were also very helpful and attentive.

Entertainment was fun. I personally love the bands, especially Double Cross. The music was lively and made everyone want to get on their feet and party! The Cruise Director was a very energetic man that made the crowd more involved and excited about all on-board events.

The islands we visited were Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau. Tropical paradise exemplified indeed!

Unfortunately, Carnival Miracle is not a true miracle, because it has its imperfections. I’m talking about the customer complaint desk — where you make complaints for mistaken charges, problems, etc. I thought the service at the desk was very poor and we had to wait for ages to have our complaints settled. I felt like we wasted some hours of vacation time.

All in all, other than my issues with settlement of customer complaints, I have to say that the good things that most carnival cruise reviews say about Carnival are true. It is good value for money and a fantastic way of spending your much awaited holiday.

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  1. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.


  2. Carnival Cruises are great! I went to Cosmel Mexico in January and loved every minute of it. Carnival really know how to keep you comming back for another cruise.


  3. Carnival cruise line is one of the largest cruise line originated the Fun Ship concept. In carnival cruise passengers get vacation guarantee, if they are not satisfied with the cruise then they can we can just notify them before arriving to the first port and they will refund
    the unused portion of the cruise fare. This is the best offer than a cruiser can get.