Carnival Cruise Fantasy – Cruise Ship Review

16 November 2019 | By admin in Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise Ships, Reviews and Ratings

The following Carnival Cruise Fantasy review was sent to me by one of my regular readers. She hopes you find it useful as you search for your own cruise.

Carnival Cruise Fantasy was a refreshing Carnival experience for us. Although Fantasy still remained faithful to the “fun” concept that is prevalent in all Carnival ships, it has a more serene feel to it. Perhaps it’s the cozy and laid back interiors that are a big contrast to the over the top designs of other Carnival ships. It was certainly a pleasant surprise.

We are not new to the Carnival experience. We’ve sailed other Carnival ships before, but it is our first Carnival Cruise Fantasy experience. We like Carnival because it is really a good value for the money. In fact, sometimes we see Carnival deals that are just too good to pass up. With Carnival, we can have a hassle free and enjoyable experience without busting our budget. So, we chose Carnival Fantasy for $199 per person from New Orleans! What a price to spend 5 nights cruising on the beautiful Caribbean!

Overall, our Carnival Cruise Fantasy experience was really satisfying. We had an inside cabin which was perfect for our 2 kids to avoid sea sickness. We didn’t have to worry about checking the weather since we could check the Lido deck camera on our TV anytime of the day. The cabin was spacious, the beds comfortable, the sheets and towels were clean and smelled extra fresh. We especially liked the animal folded towels on Fantasy; it was almost sad unfolding them.

The food was good. We ate dinner most nights in the dining room; it gave us a better opportunity to bond with people from other parts of the country. There were 10 diners on our table and it was fun swapping travel stories.

Entertainment was fun. We liked attending all the shows. We loved the mini concerts and we had such good laughs in the comedy shows. The casino was a little disappointing, though. It seemed like there was a lack of humans running any of the games; it was mostly a room full of slots and video poker.

Our steward, the serving staff, and the crew as a whole were commendable. They were very helpful and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. It was really easy for us to give them extra tips because we feel like they justly deserved them.

The ports of call were Progresso and Cozumel, both in Mexico. There was not much to see in Progresso, but you can’t pass up on the massage offered for just $10. We enjoyed Cozumel more. If you want to save on cash, it is worth staying at Paradise Beach. Getting in only costs $10 plus $5 for a taxi. The beach was gorgeous and you won’t mind staying there the whole day!

Carnival Cruise Fantasy was really worth the price. We’ll gladly take this ship again.

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