Caribbean Vacation – Great Ways to Enjoy the Caribbean

01 December 2019 | By admin in Cruising Tips, Ports of Call

When you decide to go on a Caribbean vacation, you have lots of options. One option is to purchase an all inclusive vacation at a Caribbean resort. The prices for these packages can be quite attractive, but the itinerary lacks the variety that a Caribbean cruise can provide. Here are some ways that you can make the most of a vacation to the Caribbean.

1. Choose the right length of cruise – Cruises to the Caribbean range from 3 to 28 days. The long cruises are normally two 14 day cruises back-to-back. When deciding how long your cruise should be, you need to consider the cost and the time involved. The longest cruise I’ve ever taken is 7 days, because I never had time for a longer one. You can find 14 day cruises for as low as $1000 per person. The great thing about a 14 day cruise is the number of places you will visit, which ranges from 6 to 9 different ports depending on which route you choose.

2. Know your ports – Another way to make sure you enjoy your Caribbean vacation is to find out about the places you will visit. Once you’ve decided on what cruise you’ll take, you should read all about the ports. That way, you will know what interesting things there are to do at each one. Perhaps there are historic sites you’ll want to visit or maybe certain kinds of shopping are better at some ports than others. I’m sure you’d be disappointed if you bought something at Port A and then discovered Port C had the same item for half the price.

3. Maximize your onboard experience – No matter which cruise you choose, there will be quite a bit of sea time. You shouldn’t just stay in your cabin. There are lots of activities on the ship to keep you busy all day (busy having fun, that is). I admit, some of those activities may get old, especially when you are on your 10th Caribbean vacation cruise, but there are plenty of things to choose from. And, the cruise lines seem to be coming up with new things to do every year.

So, when you’re ready to take that Caribbean vacation, be sure to keep the above suggestions in mind. I think they will help you enjoy yourself more than usual.

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