Caribbean Cruise – Why Choose the Caribbean for Your Cruise?

07 October 2019 | By admin in Cruising Tips, First Time Cruisers

There are lots of destinations you can choose when you want to take a cruise. It can be really difficult to decide which of the many vacation spots you want to visit. Here are some reasons why a Caribbean cruise is an excellent choice.

1. Cost – On average, a Caribbean cruise is normally less expensive than most of the other options. If budget is a big concern, then you should look for one of the many Caribbean cruise deals available. Carnival and Royal Caribbean are two cruise lines that generally offer some great deals.

2. Great for first timers – I normally recommend first time cruisers take shorter cruises as an initiation to the cruising lifestyle. The reason a Caribbean cruise is great for rookies is because there are some shorter itineraries. Of course, if you are new to cruising and want to take a longer cruise, there are lots of those available for the Caribbean, as well.

3. More choices – Since the Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination, there are many options for when and where to travel. A quick search shows there are 1825 cruises going to the Caribbean in 2010. The second highest destination is the Mediterranean with 1207 planned trips, but almost all of those originate in Europe. Third and fourth place go to the Bahamas and Mexico, which have around 700 cruises each. And, if you consider that most people classify the Bahamas as part of the Caribbean, the number of choices jumps up to around 2500. So, you can see where the most choices are, by far.

4. Year round travel – And finally, a Caribbean cruise is a great choice, because you can go there year round. This factor has a two-fold advantage: it allows you to travel during the time of year that is convenient for you; it gives you a chance of getting better prices, because certain times of the year are low season.

Now you know why a Caribbean cruise may be the best choice for you. If you’ve already been there a few times, there may still be islands you haven’t explored. So, book your cruise to the Caribbean today and come back here later to let me know how you enjoyed it.

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