Caribbean Cruise Deals – 5 Things You Need to Know before You Buy

21 March 2019 | By admin in Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise Deals, Cruising Tips

I could write a long, drawn out introduction about how you’ll love the Caribbean and cruising and blah, blah, blah. Instead, I’ll just go straight to the important information that will save you money and trouble while finding Caribbean cruise deals. I’m sure that’s what you’re here for.

1. Pick the right season – If you want to save money on your cruise fares, one option is to cruise during the winter. With the exception of the holidays, cruise prices from October through March are generally lower than the other months. Personally, I’ve never taken a cruise in the summer. I much prefer going to a tropical island during the colder months, because I prefer warm weather. Just be aware that if you take a cruise in January, you might be wearing a jacket at the originating port.

2. Check specialty rates – This tip won’t apply to everyone, but some people might not be aware of specialty discounts. Here is a list of discounts that are available from some cruise lines: (Teachers, singles, police, past-guests, military, interline (other people in tourist industry), group, firefighters, and seniors (55 and older).

3. Don’t believe everything you see – Some websites or travel agents may offer Caribbean cruise deals that sound amazing, but the deals may be based on bogus information. I know a site that claims to offer 75% discounts on cruises. All of their discounts are fabricated. Here is an example:

Carnival Glory on Sept 12, 2009

Brochure price = $1769 Our price = $469 You save 73%

The fact is if you go to Carnival’s site, the price is listed at $469. The whole site is full of hundreds of deals like that, but they aren’t ‘their’ deals, they are the cruise line’s deals.

4. Parking alternative – If you drive to the port, keep in mind that the ports usually charge a daily parking fee. Here’s something you might want to think about. On my last cruise out of Galveston, I went there the day before the cruise. I found a motel that offered free cruise parking. The room was $60, which was $10 more than the parking fee, but I was able to enjoy a nice, slow-paced morning until the shuttle took me to the port. I suppose it also means I got a motel room for $10 for that night, since I saved on the parking.

5. Look for specials and fare codes – Cruise lines are always offering specials and you may be able to find fare codes to make your Caribbean cruise deals even sweeter. Right now, I know that Carnival is offering cash back on some cruises if you book by May 10th (fare code OCB). When you go to the site, you can use their search function by typing in ‘fare code’.

I hope these tips will help you save some money on one of the many Caribbean cruise deals available. If any of these tips are helpful to you, feel free to leave a comment. In addition, if you plan to visit Carnival’s website, you can do so easily from the link on this page and that will make me smile. :)

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